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Compliance & State Inspection Support

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Compliance & State Inspection Support
  • Pre-Construction Assessments – Architectural Review considering site design & layout
  • Post Build-Out Assessment – Onsite Compliance Assessment – Post buildout identifying areas needing improvement providing corrective actions to support passing inspections with limited delays
  • Post License – Monthly onsite inspections to mirror regulatory inspections to ensure 100% compliance

Training & Development Plan

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Training & Development Plan

Develop an educational and training program that addresses best practices for the company culture and guidelines by reaffirming dispensary SOPs, compliance information, technology tools and step by step resources for learning. Topics including, but not limited to:

  • Confidentiality/Patient Privacy
  • Safety and Security
  • Overview or Regulations/Regulatory Compliance
  • Diversion Prevention
  • Dispensing
  • Product intakes & Audit Requirements


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Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Create full suite of state compliant Retail Dispensary SOPs covering all areas of retail operations to help create efficiencies, maintain compliance, promote transparency, empower staff and mitigate risk within your cannabis dispensary, including, but not limited to:

  • Security Plan
  • Inventory Control & Auditing Procedures
  • Dispensing Protocols
  • Cash Management & Transport
  • Inventory Transportation and Receiving Plan


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Go To Market Strategies
  • New Store opening support using extensive “Store Launch Checklist” with timelines
  • Establish outreach programs to provide visibility to the market ahead of opening
  • Grand opening support and plans to bring hype, excitement, and awareness to the new retail store


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Staffing & Hiring Plan
  • Creating, streamlining, and optimizing ideal headcount across retail operation/footprint
  • Creation of ideal retail profiles per position; including the creation of sound and detailed job descriptions
  • Assistance and direction with applicant sourcing, screening, interviewing, and onboarding support until fully staffed and operational & beyond


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Customer Experience & Loyalty
  • Create the optimal customer experience and retail flow from the front to the back of the house to ensure customer satisfaction and retention
  • Create a comprehensive product assortment to curate the ideal menu
  • Promotional Planning & Calendar building
  • Ongoing outreach support and guidance for consistent customer funnel support